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PC Juice Pitcher (4L)


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  • Height : 23 cm
  • Diameter : 13 cm

Features And Benefits

  • This clear, covered pitcher is ideal for serving a variety of beverages at your bar, pub, restaurant, diner, or other establishment. From sodas, to beer, to iced teas and lemonades, this clear pitcher will help make it easier to serve larger volumes of drinks. It also comes with a lid to help reduce messes and spills.
  • Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, this pitcher is extremely durable, helping to reduce replacement costs. It also boasts a clear construction for content visibility.
  • The lid to this pitcher can easily be repositioned for either an open pour or a strainer option to help keep ice from falling into the drink.
  • Featuring an ergonomic handle with a thumb grip for enhanced pouring control, this pitcher is very comfortable to use