VILLE LUMIÈRE For Her 90 ML, Boulevard Paris


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Ville Lumière celebrates the beauty of the French capital city, its radiant and mythical energy. Paris, a city of History everyone dreams to discover, the home of fashion and trends permeating the world, of art and culture, yields an infinite inspiration.

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4 in stock

  • Made in Paris Original Perfume & Package
  • Similar Smell: BLACK OPIUM YSL
  • 90 ML

With this fragrance, Boulevard launches, here, a spirited blend, akin to the liveliness of the capital city, on a summer evening. This creation opens on an exhilarating dose of red fruits, with the raspberry, strawberry, mulberry and blackcurrant releasing a sugared, young and energetic freshness. The middle notes are arranged as a duo-tone bouquet with highly feminine scents, with the emblematic elegance of jasmine and the gentle softness of violet. This fruity floral blend rests on middle notes of amber, musk and patchouli, which confer on its character a deep, lasting sensuality. Ville lumière is a signature-perfume with trendy vivid scents, which releases in its surroundings a powdered, sunny atmosphere.

Top Note : Raspberry – Strawberry – Mulberry – Blackcurrant
Middle Note : Violet – Jasmine
Base Note : Amber – Musk – Patchouli