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Westpolo Magnetic Closure Unisex Genuine Leather Mechanism Card Holder Wallet


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  • Width: 6.5 Cm
  • Height: 9.5 Cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm
  • Banknote Compartment: Yes (1 pcs)
  • Coin Compartment: None
  • Credit Card Compartment: Yes (5 pcs)
  • Sim Card Compartment: No
  • Zipper: No
  • Skin Type: Guti
  • Multi-Purpose Compartment: Yes (1 pc)
  • Phone Compartment: No

Features of the Leather Used in the Wallet:

– It is first class genuine leather. Since it is natural, it does not risk health.

– It is durable, so it does not break, tear and deform quickly in daily use, providing long-term use.

– It has a soft texture that can be easily distinguished from other leathers when touched.

– It provides air circulation with small invisible holes on its surface. The wallet breathes in, absorbing moisture and giving it back out. In this way, your money and cards will not be damaged by sweating. It also prevents odor formation.

– It has a flexible structure. In this way, when you overfill your wallet, the wallet will stretch and take shape accordingly.


Is the product real leather?

Yes. The product is completely made of genuine leather.


What is gout leather? What are its features?

Guti leather is one of the most frequently used leather types. The patterns on the leather are largely similar to each other, and the size differences of the patterns are not noticeable. Guti Leather has similar features with Flötr Leather in most of its features. The biggest difference from Flötr Leather is that the leather is thinner and harder.


Westpolo Safari Genuine Leather Unisex Mechanism Wallet with Plenty of Card Holder Compartment, 100% handmade from first class genuine leather. It has TSE and ISO 9002 certificates.

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