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A Shape Caution Sign

$ 8.0

Estimated delivery between 2023/12/12 - 2023/12/15
  • Height : 64 cm
  • Length : 36 cm


  • Yellow

Features And Benefits

The Floor Safety Sign with “Caution Wet Floor” Imprint is lightweight and versatile. The caution sign makes a heavy statement about safety. The 25-inch model is suitable for use in narrow areas. The folding design allows for convenient storage or transport on a janitor cart. Each of the wet floor signs has caution warning messages imprinted in easy-to-read lettering for effective communication. The warning sign features durable plastic construction that will not rust, corrode, or fade. The 2-sided, bright yellow design meets OSHA requirements. The flexible locking-style hanger makes the sign stationary and visible from all directions.