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Ingredient Bin 10L

$ 28.0

Estimated delivery between 2023/02/06 - 2023/02/09
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Height : 23 cm
  • Length : 40 cm

Features And Benefits

  • This ingredient bin boasts an ample 12.6 gallon capacity and is the perfect addition to restaurant, bakery, cafeteria, and catering kitchens! Plus, by designating the scoop to one bin, you can help to avoid any cross contamination that may occur when using the same scoop for multiple ingredients. The bin even includes a scoop holder so you can always have the appropriate scoop on hand.
  • Depending upon your kitchen layout, this bin can be placed on a countertop, under a prep table, or positioned on a shelf for quick retrieval of flour, baking powder, sugar, rice, pasta, oats, or nuts.
  • This bin’s clear hinged lid enables you to quickly identify the contents.
  • The lid can be locked open to prevent interference while scooping ingredients.
  • The interior divider can be slid to create two compartments, ensuring older ingredients are used before new ones.
  • Handles are located on the front and back, providing a firm grip and promoting easy transportation.
  • The lid is removable, making it easy to add fresh ingredients when the bin is running low.