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Italy Open Crate 33L, Smooth Interior Surface, Lightweight and Easy to Handle, Great for Organizing Indoor Outdoor Storage, Premium Quality

$ 7.0

Estimated delivery between 2023/12/11 - 2023/12/14

Dimensions: 53x35x20CM

  • HEAVY-DUTY DURABILITY: ITALY is made of durable, high-impact, and good-quality plastic that can be used for different purposes. It is sturdy and withstands rain, wind, and high temperatures, ensuring its use for years to come.
  • DAMAGE-FREE DESIGN: Items stored within the plastic crate are protected from damage due to the interior’s even and flat design. The side-grids on the walls of the crate allow for temperature control, air to pass through, product protection, and the ability to clean easily.
  • STACKABLE STORAGE: The recessed bottom of each of our plastic crates allows for easy storage to stack and nest in a strong and stable way. This is beneficial to product protection as it prevents movement during transport.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: The crate is designed with wide handles that allow for ease and comfort of movement and are compatible with standard harnesses.

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