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Rosa 25cm Rattan Flowerpot, Elegant Rattan Design, Flower Plant Pot


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Dimensions: 25x25x22CM

MAKE YOUR OWN GARDEN: Perfect for growing most small and medium-sized home & office plants like Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Pothos, Peace, or Herbs, brightening up your living place.
MODERN RATTAN DESIGN: Give your plants and your room a boost with this charming flowerpot. The elegant rattan design makes it easy for you to handle and stack the pots; drainage holes at the bottom prevent overwatering, and root rotting helps plants breathe freely.
IDEAL USES: These large plastic flower pots are perfect for indoor-outdoor plants, seedlings, flowers, vegetables, and another gardening. They are also suitable for cutting and transplanting.
FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE — The pot is made of lightweight plastic, which is also durable and will last a very long time.


Brick, Dark Brown, Silver, Wooden