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Shark Spray Water Prank Games


 Shark Spray Water Prank Games Educational InteractiveToys Gifts for Toddler Party!Water Spraying Fun for All The Family!

  • Interactivity-This cool stuff is designed for family interaction. Parents and children can be closer, and children can be loved by their parents and feel warm and happy.
  • Observation- Children can learn to observe details and brainstorm through their performance in play.
  • Touch- This sensory toy could help boys and girls to enhance their hands-on skills, develop hands-on habits, and overcome shyness.
  • Reflection-Thinking responsiveness and neural responsiveness are both things that can help your child grow.
  • Service-We would like to invite all children to participate in toy making and help them grow happy.


  • 1.One player randomly loads the tooth into the holes in shark mask mouth.Fill the mega plunger with water then insert into the chamber. 2.Spin the spinner to determine where on shark mask to “POP”-chin, left cheek, right cheek, or forehead.
  • 3. “POP” any tooth in that part of the mouth.
  • 4.lf there are no tooth left in that part of the mouth, you may select any remaining tooth.
  • 5.lf you successfully “POP”the tooth: Keep the tooth for your tooth points! Carefully pass shark mask to the player on your left. They take the next turn.
  • 6.lf you burst the mega plunger: You forfeit the tooth and get no tooth points for that round! Put the tooth aside,clean yourself off, and then reload the plunger. Carefully pass shark mask to the player on your left. They take the next turn.
  • 7.Play continues until a player scores the winning tooth point total.(See winning the game.)


  • You earn tooth points for each tooth you extract without setting off the mega plunger. Tooth are worth 1,2,or 3 points. The more difficult the tooth is to “POP”, the higher the points. The tooth points are marked on each tooth.

Winning the Game:

  • The first player to score the tooth point total as below wins!
  • 2 players:9 points 3 players:8 points
  • 4 players:7 points
  • When a player bursts the mega plunger, he will be out of the game.

Package Included:

  • 1 x shark toy
  • 1 x water pump
  • 16 x shark teeth
  • 1 x base

Shark Spray Water Prank Games


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